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Save your time!
A powerful report generator allows you to analyze
Project data from numerous views including
Across Project or within Project.
Custom Report Generator
Time Tracking & Time Report
Improve interaction        
        with your customers!
Customers interact using a Ticket System
that is integrated into Task management.
Customer Support Tickets
Tickets Reports
Public Tickets
Tickets by Email
Feel free configuring qdPM
Elements such as the Project status,Project types,
Task status as well as many others are completely configurable.
qdPM Configuration
Users Access Controls
Projects Access Controls
Extra Fields
qdPM Extended is a Project Management Solution that is not only Open Source, it's Open Framework


qdPM Extended is suited for any industry.  Apart from defining entities such as Projects, Tickets, Tasks, and Discussions, the rest is basically up to you to configure.

Does not matter if you are web developers, a digital agency, event managers, film makers, recruiters, architects, builders, interior designers, you name it, as long as you are managing a project you can manage it using qdPM Extended.


qdPM Extended can be configured to support any project methodology.  Whether you are using a software development methodology such as Waterfall or an iterative approach such as Agile, qdPM Extended can support you.
In fact, if you are just making it up as you go along or if every project is different, it’s no problem. qdPM Extended supports the concurrent use of multiple methodologies. Creative wants to be Agile and you want to be Waterfall?  No problem.  Marketing is managing Events and you are managing a Store Fit out?  Not an issue.
And, if worse comes to worse, being an open source project management solution, if it does not do what you need it to do, you can change it so that it does. 


Unlike other Project Management solutions, qdPM Extended does not create separate registries to manage risks, issues, changes, backlogs and tasks.  Everything is a Task.
Utilizing the Task configuration tools, Task labeling allows for management not only of standard methodology tasks but also other "tasks" such as product backlogs and project reviews as well as change and issue registers. In addition to simple task labeling, the ability to group tasks into Phases, construct Parent/Child tasks and assign a task to a Version (release) allows for a level of multi-dimensional task management that is unsurpassed.


Tickets are one of the key differentiators between qdPM Extended Open Source Project Management and other solutions. Tickets are fully itegrated into qdPM Extended.  No need for a third party solution. 
While traditionally used as a way for customers to request work, Tickets are also a way to manage a pipeline of ideas to feed into a product backlog or in fact be the product backlog.  One Ticket can linked to an unlimited number of Tasks and vice versa creating a network of activity to enhance information flow.


Collaboration is about talking and listening.  qdPM Extended allows for collaboration via Comments.  Projects, Tickets and Tasks can all have comments added.  In addition, Project, Tickets and Tasks can have related Discussions that sit "to the side" of the comment structure much like a Chat sesssion would. In fact Discussions are often used to store copies of third party Chat Sessions for record keeping.
Collaboration is also about sharing information.  Projects, Tickets, Tasks, Comments and even Discussion can all have Attachments .  In addition all Projects can have a Wiki with unlimited pages to document important information. Again no need for another third party tool. 


qdPM Extended is a global product and has been translated into  27 languages not counting English so you can collaborate in your own language.

License: Commercial License
Development Mode: Open Source
User Interface: Web-based
Technologies: PHP, MySQL
Translations: English, Russian more...

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