Integration CKEditor in qdPM

By default qdPM have simple html editor with all common function.

But if you want to have extended html editor you can use CKEditor

Integration is really simple, just a few steps:

  1. create ‘js/texteditor’ folder
  2. download CKEditor (Standard package)
  3. unpack files from ‘archive/ckeditor’ to ‘js/texteditor’
    note: you don’t have to create any subfolders in ‘texteditor’ folder, just copry core files from  ‘archive/ckeditor’ to ‘js/texteditor’

It’s done. Now default html editor will be replaced by CKEditor.

Note: this integration works for version qdPM Extended 3.0 upgraded with all patches. You can go to My Account page to check if you have to upgrade 3.0 version.

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