qdPM 3.x and GoDaddy hosting

If you try install qdPM on GoDaddy hosting you will get white page with message “No Input File”

To fix this issue you have to do some configuration changes:

  1. Log into you Godaddy hosting account, and from the menu select Settings -> File Extensions Management. Change .php extension from PHP 5.x FastCGI to PHP 5.x.
  2. In you web folder add a file php.ini with cgi.fix_pathinfo = 1 in it.
  3. open
    and add
    path_info_key: REDIRECT_URL

    so it will look:
        path_info_key: REDIRECT_URL
        no_script_name: false

  4. open
    and add:
    $_SERVER[“REQUEST_URI”] = str_replace($_SERVER[“SCRIPT_NAME”], “”, $_SERVER[“REQUEST_URI”]);
    after <?php
  5. open .htaccess in qdPM folder and uncomment line
    RewriteBase /
    (remove # before)
  6. at the end clear core/cache folder
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