Someone asked us if qdPM EX has a user manual

Someone asked us if qdPM EX has a user manual. Quick answer is No.

qdPM Extended is meant for use by experienced project managers. As such it comes with installation instructions only. It does not have a user manual. Main reason being is that there is no single way to use it. It can be used in any industry with any methodology and it is so highly configurable that to try and explain how it could be used would be impossible. However, anyone who has questions can ask on the site forum. If you have a look you will see very few people actually do have questions on how to use it as it is intuitive.

We do supply a configuration guide with the free version. If you download the software, you will get the guide. And we also sell a user manual to go with it since this version is meant for more inexperienced users. However I would say less than 1% of users actually buy the manual because again it is so easy to use.

Having said that given how configurable it is, I believe it is important for a organization to document for itself how the application is to be used once you have configured it. To assist there is a wiki available within qdPM Extended to record that kind of information.

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