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qdPM Extended based on free version of qdPM and has extended functionality and extra features read more.
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write your case studies of using qdPM... does qdPM help save your time?


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What I really like about qdPM is that it keeps all notes in one place. We have many projects on the go at once and we work on which ever project is taking priority at the time.

We didn't work on one project for over a year but with qdPM we were able to pick it up like we had never left because we were quickly able to see what stage we were at and what was going on at the time we last worked on it.

The reason we chose qdPM Extended over other project management suits is because of its ease of use. A person using it needs virtually no training so we're able to introduce staff into projects very quickly.

I would recommend this program to anyone looking for a project management system.


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We’ve been using qdPm Extended software for our IT development team for more than 2 months now. We have made a number of customization to fit our specific projects and this has worked really well – to date we have found a way to make every change that we’ve wanted.

For example one of the powerful function which is Tickets by Email, it allows you create tickets from email with simple step. Tickets will be automatically create when you user sent email to department email address. So far i have not seen other similar software which provide this function.

Just wanted to say, "Great product!" Your product has saved me over an hour each day. Thank you ! !


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I'm using qdPM free version for almost one year and it has provided me with most of the features I needed, as an IT Project Manager, for tasks assignment and tracking. For a free tool, it is really reliable and it offers the flexibility and functionalities comparable to a professional application developed by well-known software companies. I must say that I had great doubts when I first read the website describing what the free version offered.
I haven't been disappointed; the application really does what is vaunted in the Website.

When I started using qdPM, it was at a regional level with a few internal engineers and external consultants (with external access via reverse proxy); one year later, since I took responsibilities at the country level, I decided to benefit from that experience and extended the use of that tool to my entire team and their consultants (35). Additionally, I want to provide advanced features to my users (2500+) and implement reporting, wikies, reminders, etc.
Here again, qdPM had an answer for me with qdPM-extended.

You can go with that solution with no fear and count on a very reactive team of developers.

Alexandre Tanner
Manager IT-Infrastructures
CRH-Swiss Distribution


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We're using qdPm-Extended software for our Support team (CRM) and for Development team PM (Project Management). We have made a number of customization to fit our specific projects (skin css, varied logos, extra fields, groups) and this has working really well.

For example one of the powerful function which is User Group Policy and Project Role, it allows you create diversified roles, dedicated users for coordinated teamwork.

I can only say, "Excellent product!"
I would recommend this program to anyone looking for a Project Management (PM) or Customer Relationship Management (CMR) system.

Vinkó Zoltán Tamás
ProgMed Plusz Kft.


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Awesome.. Thanks for share informative detail i need it!!

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Our team started out with using the free version of QDPM, and quickly realized how simple and easy it was, and upgraded to the Extended version to take advantage of all the features and benefits.

Our entire team used QDPM extended to manage our day to day work and collaborate together on multiple tasks.

QDPM makes it really easy to ensure you can manage your day and team


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We've been using qdpm for a few years now to manage hardware (HW) and firmware (FW) development projects.

From the HW perspective, it's very useful to be able to track design file versions when sending schematics to contract employees and also when receiving board files back from them. We keep test results on hardware versions attached to the design task so we know what was good/bad about a certain revision.

For FW development, similar to above with the addition of tickets to document bugs or deficiencies. We use discussions to keep track of potential new features or target applications we should incorporate at a future date. Each firmware version is available through qdPM with all the notes on changes. This allows everyone to stay informed on the "why and what" of new versions and decide which version they need for specific testing.

All in all, qdPM is definitely more of a framework which allows us to customize the features necessary to our specific project(s). This makes it IMHO much more valuable than any "canned" application which never seems to fit right for what we need to be doing.


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thanks for the feedback

Please keep posting how you use qdPM Extended. It helps us plan new releases.

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