Post Tue Sep 18, 2012 3:17 pm

qdPM Extended VS Redmine

I first want to take this time to congratulate the qdPM team on a job well done. I have evaluated many project management systems in my time and I must say, and I would rate qdPM as the best of the bunch. I have been using qdPM extended before and because I needed some more functionality and was getting a lag, I switched to redmine as there were plenty plugins available. This is all fine and good. The MAJOR problem though is that you must know about the ruby on rails framework or you are in serious trouble. Then you have other gems modules that you must install to get redmine working. If you are a rails developer, fine. If not, be prepared to spend some money and if it gets broken, be prepared to spend again.
qdPM on the other hand is a simple php script running on Symphony frameworm. Easy to install and maintain. The new version 3 has cause me to come back to qdPM. I must also state that the trash function is a very nice feature. The interface is very easy to navigate and a child could find its way around.
qdPM has a lot going for it and I believe it can become a force to be measured against. Would I recommend it? Yes, I do. I highly recommend qdPM over even my next in line redmine though they are miles apart. Qdpm is much more customizable than redmine. So, you should be able to configure anyway you want it to function. You wont be sorry in using qdPM, I assure you.

What I would like to see is a better way of handling the clients in terms of address and contacts. I know you can add contacts and also custom fields but what I mean is the ability to have a client and then attach multiple contacts to the client. Last but not least, you should have QdPM Plugins where members of the community can create plugins that will enhance qdPM. Plugins can be free or a small fee. This would be the icing on the cake for qdPM. Don't know what else to say other than, go and get your new version 3 of qdPM.

Please note, I am in not affiliated with qdPM in any way. This is my own personal experience.