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Compare Extended and Free version of qdPM

Note: qdPM Extended is based on Free version so it easy to upgrade from the free to extended. In general you just need copy new files and run new sql queries.


  • More User Right
    There are completely new user right in extended version. For projects/tasks/tickets/discussions you have three access type:  Full Access, Manage Own Only, View Only, View Own Only and Custom access configuraiton. Also you can configure access for comments, each report, public scheduler etc. 
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  • Wiki
    There are two types of wikis: site (public wiki)  and projects wiki. Public wiki will be useful for company rules, notes in team etc. Projects wiki can be used for projects brief and documentation.
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  • Patterns
    Allows you create patterns for descriptions fields. Also you can create tasks as patterns and using copy function copy tasks to other projects.
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  • Users Activity Report
    Allows you see list of actions that users did 
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  • Users per Projects Report
    In this report you can see Users list with count Projects where users is in team.
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  • Users per Tasks Report
    In this report you can see Users list with count Tasks where users is assigned on.
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  • Send Email to all user group
    It helps you quick and easy notify users from one or several groups. 
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  • Contacts
    Contacts is like an address book where you can keep all your external contacts.
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  • Trash
    Projects, Tasks, Tickets, Discussions and their comments will be moved to Trash if you delete them.
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  • Backup
    You can manually create database backup or run backup automatically by some period.
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  • Import tasks from MS Projects
    You can import tasks from MS Project in XML format.
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  • Parent/Child tasks
    Allows you build task tree based on parent/child tasks
  • Public Tickets
    There is form where customers can send request without registration. Public tickets stored in overall tickets page and you can assign it to projects if it needs.
    You can configure which department will be for public tickets and set public projects.
    +there is integration code. It’s frame and you can integrate form to submit tickets on your company site.
  • Tickets by Email
    Allows you create tickets from email that customers sent
  • Tasks Reports Reminder
    Allows you select days when you want to get reports by email. Using option  'Days before due date' allows you create 'Tasks Due Date Reminder'  report
  • Scheduller Reminder
    you can get event notification by email
  • Tasks Column List Configuration
    Allows you configure which columns will be display in task list. There is default task list configuration in app.yml that will use by default and for tasks reports result. Also you can configure own task list for each project type.
  • Projects groups
    Allows you grouped projects by group and filter project by group in project listing and projects reports
  • Tickets groups
    Allows you grouped tickets by group and filter tickets by group in tickets listing and tickets reports
  • Projects priority
    Allows you add priority for projects
  • Tickets priority
    Allows you add priority for tickets
  • Discussions groups
    Allows you grouped discussions by group and filter discussions by group in discussions listing and discussions reports
  • Discussions priority
    Allows you add priority for discussions 
  • Discussions Types
    Allows you add types for discussions
  • Discussions extra fields
    Allows you add extra fields for discussions. Also extra fields can be depend with discussions type
  • Users Search
    Function to search users by name or email


  • Extended Extra Fields
    Now extra fields can depend with project type, tasks label , tickets type and users group
    There are five new type for extra fields: date range, textarea, pulldown, checkbox, radiobox, formula, file
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  • Background color label for any statuses and types
    Now for any statues and types you can configure background color label
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  • More filters in time report
    Added more filtes in time report. Now you can filter data by project type and project group, tasks label and tasks type
  • User access configuration for extra fields
    Now you can configure users access for extra fields. It means you can create some extra files that will be visible only for selected users group
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  • Overdue tasks in tasks reports
    New option in tasks report allows you display overdue tasks
  • More dashboard options
    Added option to configure all dashboard reports in one window.



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