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Technologies: PHP, MySQL
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How to order?

Server Host Name (Domain Name) and Product Key
To run qdPM Extended you need to have a Product Key which is given to you upon purchase.

The Product Key is linked to the server host name. It means you can only run qdPM on the host that you enter during the checkout process.

For a local server, you can use "localhost" or the IP address,

NOTE: Your licence comes with one hostname change. This allows you to set up a test installation prior to creating a live installation. When ready to go live, contact us and we can update your hostname.  

Licences are not transferable so you cannot transfer the licence to a different company/domain.

Checkout Process

  • Step 1
    You have to add product to shopping cart. Click on "Buy Now" to add product to cart.
  • Step 2
    Before checkout you should  check your server configuration and see if your server has enabled all requirements. On shopping cart page you can download check_configuration.php file and run it on your server. All requirements should be reported as OK. Once they are, click on "Checkout" button.
  • Step 3
    On "Checkout Payment" page you have to enter server host where qdPM will be run.
    After click button "Continue"
  • Step 4
    On "Checkout Confirmation" page confirm your order and click button "Continue"
  • Step 5
    After "Checkout Confirmation" you will go to where you can pay via paypal or  credit card Visa or Mastercard
  • Step 6
    After payment you will taken back to the checkout success page.
    Go to "My Account" page where you can download the code and your product key
    Note: the download link will only be available when payment has been completed. 

If you have any questions, please contact us

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