qdPM Ex 4.4 Released

We have released version 4.4 which is a patch to allow the application to run on php 7.3

Download it here. 

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qdPM Ex 4.3 Released

We’re released an unexpected qdPM Ex 4.3 to cater for php 7.2. Hopefully when 7.3 comes up we won’t have to issue another one!
Get the patch here.

And just because that was a bit boring we added a nice background to the demo – just to show how pretty the login page can look.

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qdPM 4.2 Released

qdPM Extended V4.2 is now available for purchase/download.

qdPM Extended V4 added a responsive user interface making it available across all devices.  V4.2 makes it compatible with php V7.0.

All versions prior to V4 are no longer supported and we urge you to upgrade to V4.2 as soon as possible.  If you wish to upgrade simply log into your account and locate the order and click on the upgrade link.

thank you for your continued support

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Someone asked if Tickets can be used to assign work to people on Projects

Tickets can be used for a number of different purposes e.g. a request to work, to ask a question, report a problem and so on.

If you are more into product management than project management, they can even be used as a repository for ideas before they transition to concrete tasks. For instance, we use Tickets to screen ideas before we add them to the product backlog for qdPM Extended project.

But the question here is, can you use Tickets instead of Task? And before I answer, let me say there is no doubt answering Tickets can involve work.  And often that is billable work. In that sense answering the ticket IS a task.  But not a project task per se. So what do we recommend?  We recommend ALL work where time needs to be recorded (and possibly billed for) be actioned as a Task.

You can easily spawn one or more Tasks from a Ticket.  And we’ve made it easy to do so. You just use the Related Tasks function under the More Actions link. there you can select Add Task and copy the Ticket Name, Description and Attachments to the Task to minimize the effort.  After that all you have to do is assign it to someone!

By actioning a Ticket as a Task, you then can manage it as a Task along with all other Project Tasks.  Add dates, see it on the project schedule, include it in reports, record estimated and actual time.

Now what if you do want to record time against Tickets?  It is quite easy to do using a Extra Field.  Extra fields are great because you can actually control who can see them and if they see them if they can edit them.  So you can have lots of extra Ticket fields that customers may or may not know about!

Still reading? Quick answer is we can’t stop you! But tickets are really requests for work aka work orders.  Tasks are how the work actually gets done!

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Moving Tasks

Someone asked on our online chat, if you can move tasks. Yes you can!

You can do it under a number of views.  You can move individual tasks or more a group of  tasks.  Just watch if you are moving Parent/Child tasks – the relationship cannot be maintained.

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qdPM Extended 3.0 Patch 7

In this patch

  • fix js problem in IE 11
  • fix bug with Extra Fields tabs
  • fixed ‘Fatal error: Allowed memory size’ with task tree
  • fixed scheduler Types display

You can download path here http://qdpm-ex.com/pub/patches/qdPM_Extended_3.0_patch_7.zip

To install patch just unpack archive to qdpm folder and replace files.
Then clear browser cache.

Note: this patch for users who purchased qdPM Extended 3.0 before 04 April  2014. You can go to My Account page and check order date.

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Testimonial from Fred J. Oberbuchner

We’ve been using qdpm for a few years now to manage hardware (HW) and firmware (FW) development projects.

From the HW perspective, it’s very useful to be able to track design file versions when sending schematics to contract employees and also when receiving board files back from them. We keep test results on hardware versions attached to the design task so we know what was good/bad about a certain revision.

For FW development, similar to above with the addition of tickets to document bugs or deficiencies. We use discussions to keep track of potential new features or target applications we should incorporate at a future date. Each firmware version is available through qdPM with all the notes on changes. This allows everyone to stay informed on the “why and what” of new versions and decide which version they need for specific testing.

All in all, qdPM is definitely more of a framework which allows us to customize the features necessary to our specific project(s). This makes it IMHO much more valuable than any “canned” application which never seems to fit right for what we need to be doing.

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Someone asked if you can upgrade from qdPM

Someone asked on Facebook if you can upgrade from qdPM to qdPM Extended without  any loss of data. Quick answer? Yes Absolutely!

The upgrade process is very simple. You just load new files and run the upgrade sql query and all data will be saved. See the qdPM Upgrade instructions

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Someone Compared qdPM Extended to Redmine

Someone compared qdPM to Redmine on our forum. Here is what they had to say:

” First want to take this time to congratulate the qdPM team on a job well done. I have evaluated many project management systems in my time and I must say, and I would rate qdPM Extended as the best of the bunch.

I had been using qdPM Extended before and because I needed some more functionality and was getting a lag, I switched to Redmine as there were plenty plugins available. This is all fine and good. The MAJOR problem though is that you must know about the ruby on rails framework or you are in serious trouble. Then you have other gems modules that you must install to get redmine working. If you are a rails developer, fine. If not, be prepared to spend some money and if it gets broken, be prepared to spend again. qdPM on the other hand is a simple php script running on Symphony framework. Easy to install and maintain.

The new version 3 has caused me to come back to qdPM Extended. I must also state that the trash function is a very nice feature. The interface is very easy to navigate and a child could find its way around.

qdPM Extended has a lot going for it and I believe it can become a force to be measured against. Would I recommend it? Yes, I do. I highly recommend qdPM Extended over even my next in line Redmine though they are miles apart. qdpm Extended is much more customizable than Redmine. So, you should be able to configure anyway you want it to function. You wont be sorry in using qdPM, I assure you.”

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Someone asked why Tickets are not assigned to a User

Someone asked why Tickets are not assigned to a User. Quick answer is because they are not Tasks.

Long answer is that Tickets are requests for information and/or service. If you need to track the service provided then you need to create a Task because a Task is how work gets done.

In qdPM Extended, we’ve made it easy to create a Task from a Ticket. When viewing the Ticket, you simply select Add Task from the More Actions menu. You can copy the Ticket Name and Description and Attachments from the Ticket and there you have it – instant Task! And if you need to, you can change these details before you save the Task.

Once you create the Task for a Ticket, you can see it and its status in the LH column whenever you look at the Ticket and vice versa.

And the good thing is you can create as many Tasks as you want for any given Ticket. Plus you can even link existing Tasks to a Ticket, if they are related.

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