Testimonial from Fred J. Oberbuchner

We’ve been using qdpm for a few years now to manage hardware (HW) and firmware (FW) development projects.

From the HW perspective, it’s very useful to be able to track design file versions when sending schematics to contract employees and also when receiving board files back from them. We keep test results on hardware versions attached to the design task so we know what was good/bad about a certain revision.

For FW development, similar to above with the addition of tickets to document bugs or deficiencies. We use discussions to keep track of potential new features or target applications we should incorporate at a future date. Each firmware version is available through qdPM with all the notes on changes. This allows everyone to stay informed on the “why and what” of new versions and decide which version they need for specific testing.

All in all, qdPM is definitely more of a framework which allows us to customize the features necessary to our specific project(s). This makes it IMHO much more valuable than any “canned” application which never seems to fit right for what we need to be doing.

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