Someone asked why Tickets are not assigned to a User

Someone asked why Tickets are not assigned to a User. Quick answer is because they are not Tasks.

Long answer is that Tickets are requests for information and/or service. If you need to track the service provided then you need to create a Task because a Task is how work gets done.

In qdPM Extended, we’ve made it easy to create a Task from a Ticket. When viewing the Ticket, you simply select Add Task from the More Actions menu. You can copy the Ticket Name and Description and Attachments from the Ticket and there you have it – instant Task! And if you need to, you can change these details before you save the Task.

Once you create the Task for a Ticket, you can see it and its status in the LH column whenever you look at the Ticket and vice versa.

And the good thing is you can create as many Tasks as you want for any given Ticket. Plus you can even link existing Tasks to a Ticket, if they are related.

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