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Tasks reports

New Task Report

You can create own custom tasks reports

Also you can configure which users can have access to report

Reprot Options

  • Display on home
    Allows you display report result on home dashboard
  • Display in menu
    Allows you display report name in top menu to quick report access
  • Order By
    You can confgure items sort order in listing of report

Tasks Filters

  • Priority
    Allows you filter  by  priority
  • Status
    Allows you filter by  status
  • Types
    Allows you filter tby types
  • Labes
    Allows you filter by labels
  • Assigned To
    Allows you filter tasks by assigned to
  • Created By
    Allows you filter tasks by create by
  • Extra Fields
    Extra fileds such as dropdown, checkboxes and radioboxes will be included to report filters.

Extra Filters

  • Has related tickets
    Allows you filter tasks which have related tickets
  • Has estimated time
    Allows you filter tasks which have estimated time
  • Overdue Tasks
    Alows you filter task which are overdue
  • Days before due date
    Allows you filter tasks which have selected days before due date
  • Tasks Due Date
    Allows you filter tasks by due date filter
  • Tasks Created
    Allows you filter tasks by task create date filter
  • Closed Date
    Allows you filter tasks by date closed

Projects Filters

Tasks report incude all filters from projects report except filters by projects extra fields.

Report Reminder

Allows you select days when you want to get reports by email. Using option  'Days before due date' allows you create 'Tasks Due Date Reminder'  report.

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