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Upgrade Instructions

Upgrade from qdPM Extended 3.0 to 4.6

There is no database upgrade so you just need to download archive and replace all files.

  1. Download archive.
  2. Upload archive to your server in folder where qdPM is installed.
  3. Unpack archive.
  4. Remove /install folder
  5. Remove /core/cache/qdPMExtended/


Upgrade from qdPM Free

  1. Replace all files
  2. Run sql install\DBUpdates\script update_from_9.0_free_version.sql to upgrade database.
    You can run sql script using phpMyAdmin for example
    to upgrade from 7.x or 8.x you can use the same sql script.
  3. clear core/cache folder
  4. Login as users who has access to configuration and reconfigure Users Groups access and check all other configuration.
    qdPM Extended has more configuration option that has to be setup after upgrade


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