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Upgrade Policy


You get a licence to use a particular Version of qdPM Extended on a specific domain.  This licence entitles you to free Updates for that Version.  It does not entitle you to free Upgrades to other Versions.

See Licence.

Updates versus Upgrades

If you have qdPM Extended 4.5 and we release 4.6 then to change your licence from 4.5 to 4.6 is an Update. This is free.

If you have qdPM Extended 3.1 and we release 4.6 then to change your licence from 3.1 to 4.6 would be an Upgrade.  This incurs an upgrade fee.

Cost of Updates

Updates are free.

Cost of Upgrades

Upgrade price is set per upgrade. The current upgrade from V3 to V4 is set at $99.


What release you are running?

Check your footer.  If it says 4.5 then you are using Version 4 Update 5.

Do you have to upgrade?

You do not have to upgrade.  You can keep using the release you are running.

However, once a new version is released, we will not be issuing any updates to older versions and we will no longer be providing any support.  You will need to upgrade to continue to get support. 

Why do you have to pay for upgrades?

Because upgrades have additional features added which you have not paid to use.

What if you purchased qdPM Extended just before a new version was released?

You will still need to pay for the upgrade if you want to use the new version.

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