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4.6 Release Notes


We have fixed symfony core to work with PHP 8.1. Also we have fixed some bugs.

To upgrade to 4.6 you just have to replace all files.There is no database upgrades.

  1. Download archive.
  2. Upload archive to your server in folder where qdPM is installed.
  3. Unpack archive.
  4. Remove /install folder
  5. Remove /core/cache/qdPMExtended/

We have issued a patch to 4.6. Download here 


We have fixed several issues that we found in PHP 7.3. 

Unpack files from to upgrade to 4.4


This release is just quick fix for PHP 7.2. Also we have added a few new skins.

Unpack files from to upgrade to 4.3



Version 4.2 includes:

  • Porting qdPM Ex to php V7
  • Simple fixes with one minor security fix.
  • New and improved functionality.

To upgrade from 4.1 to 4.2 you just need to log in and download the archive on My Account page and replace all files. Then clear core/cache folder.

No database update.

If you are using 3.0 version then read more how to upgrade from 3.0 to 4.2


  • Common Report Edit, removed Edit button to stop users from being able to edit common reports which caused them to be deleted from their dashbaord. 
  • Project Reports Dropdown Selection, in mobile view can now choose options (User Activity, Time Report, Gantt Chart). 
  • Email Restricted Fields: Added check to ensure email recipients do not see Extra Fields unless they have been given access.  
  • Extra Fields:  fixed sort issue when Extra Field is numeric. 
  • Ticket Patterns: fixed so they work in mobile view. 

Improved Functionlity

  • Attachments: Added additional security to ensure you can only view attachment if logged in.
  • Search: Improved search capability when searching on more than one word.
  • Updated CKEditor: Now it has button to insert code properly into comments to avoid causing display issues.
  • User Photos:  Set fixed width to 50 pixels to deal with people loading large images.
  • Tickets by Email: Handle attachements via IMAP.
  • Paging: upgraded library and now allow pager to be placed at top, bottom or both.  Listing pages have it at the bottom by default, Comment pages have it at top and bottom. 
  • Ticket Creation: When you create a Ticket for another user it now does not notify the user, it only notifies the Notify List.  For example if a client emails you directly and you create a Ticket for them by selectign their User as the Created By account, it does not notifythem unless you select them in the Notify function. 

New Functionality

  • Admin: allow Admin to log in as another account from Users > View All to help resolve setup issues.
  • Tasks: added Due Date to the "order by" function.
  • Tasks: added time to Due Date format.
  • Tickets: added "move comments" function which lets you move or copy comments from one Ticket to another.
  • Tickets: Related Task box now includes estimates for each task with total to manage billable tickets.
  • Projects: if a Project is closed we now display this in red to warn people who might accidentially be adding new Tickets or Tasks.


At this stage we do not plan a 4.3 release.  The next release will be version 5.0. 

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