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If you have a question about qdPM Extended prior to purchase then you can email us at or use our online chat box.

If you wish to telephone then please call USA +1 877.336.4760 or direct +1 718.336.4760.  Please note our phone service is not for technical support.  


If there is an issue with the DEMO then please contact Sales. If the online demo is not suitable to test your intended use then we can set up a private demo for you on our server.  The cost to do so is USD $90. This cost will be refunded should you decide to purchase qdPM Extended. Again please contact SALES to request a private demo.


Installing qdPM Ex is very much like installing WordPress.  You need to load the software and the product key, create a database then run the installation process.  Please make sure you have read the Installation Notes that come with the software before starting your installation.  

If you have issues installing make sure your hosting environment is compatible with the version of qdPM Ex you are running.  If, for whatever reason, you are not installing the latest version you will need to apply any patches and/or upgrade to the latest version. 

Before you reach out to us for help, please see your IT support, webmaster and/or hosting company to resolve possible environmental issues.

If it is not environment, then please try deleting the application, including its database, and performain the installation again. 

If you still have issues please email 


qdPM Ex is highly configurable and we cannot advise on how you should perform this task.  However please make sure after installation tat you create an Admin user as the default application administrator does not have access beyond the configuration. They cannot create projects etc.

If you need some help gettng started we highly recommend downloading the qdPM User Guide.


If you think you have found a defect then please email 


qdPM Extended is open source so you can change it however you want. Please do not ask us to provide you with code or coding advice for any customizations as we cannot oblige.

If you wish to telephone then please call USA +1 877.336.4760 or direct +1 718.336.4760.  Please note our phone service is not for technical support.  All technical support is via email. 

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