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What's New in qdPM Ex Version 4.1


Version 4.1 contains only fixes. 

To upgrade from 4.0 to 4.1 you just need to log in and download the archive on My Account page and replace all files. Then clear core/cache folder.

No database update.

Fixes include:

  • Configuration Fix showing extra fields in emails when should not be shown
  • Configuration Fix Extra Fields Formula
  • Document Management Fix Trash selection to restore item
  • Environment Fix Doctrine_Connection_Mysql_Exception When Logging in
  • Interfaces Fixed Position of Extra Field Required Message
  • Projects Fixed Project Save Filter Styling Issue
  • Reports Fixed Formula Not Working
  • Reports Fixed Sort Report Date Column
  • Reports Fixed Sort Report Columns
  • Scheduler Made Scehduler Multilingual
  • Scheduler Fixed Events Not Saving
  • Tasks Fixed Sort Numeric Extra Fields
  • Tasks Fixed Ignore of Task Mandatory Field Warning
  • Tasks Fixed Task Pattern drop down on phone
  • Tickets Reinstatea Ability to Change Ticket Creator
  • User Interface Fixed Phone Double Tap Issue
  • User Interface Fixed Upload Phone Attachments
  • User Interface Fixed Phone Calendar Popup Selection
  • User Interface Change to footer copyright text
  • User Interface Make Comment Popup Dragable
  • User Interface Fixed Mandatory Extra Fields Reminder Message
  • User Interface Fixed Filter Modal Styling Issues
  • User Interface Remove Common Reports for Root admin in Configuration
  • Users Fixed User Selection and Export
  • Users Remember Me Login - User Group Issue
  • Users Update password encryption
  • Wiki Wiki Multi-lingual


The main change is to the user interface which is now responsive and so works across all devices.

In changing the interface, a number of additional changes were made:

  • Calendar Date Picker
  • Scheduler
  • Modal Popup Boxes.

These changes fixed a number of minor issues with these features that had been previously reported to us.

We also added a custom 404 page.

In addition, Version 4 fixes the following:

  • Comment Mouse Over now works again in all browsers
  • Fixed download issue with attachments using a comma in filename
  • Fixed Cron Job Defect with Email Reminders
  • Fixed attachments in email (set nowrap option)
  • Fixed Ticket Created By List to only show Active Users for the specific Project.
  • Fixed Task Descripion export/import issue
  • Fixed Project Wiki internal links to new pages
  • Re-introduced "Notify All" for  project team from Version 2.

Any issues with qdPM Extended should be reported on the qdPM Extended forum so that the resolution is availabe to all community users.

Upgrade from 3.0 to 4.1

There is no database upgrade so you just need to download archive and replace all files
Then clear core/cache folder

Read more how to upgrade to version 4.1

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