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What's new in qdPM Extended 3.0?

Version 3.0 was released on 15 November 2012

We redeveloped all code to make it faster and more flexibile and now version 3.0 use Symfony 1.4 with jQuery.

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  1. More Users Access Configuration
    The main change in V3 is users access configuration.
    We added the following new access options: 
    1. Manage Own Only
      User can manage (Create/Edit/Delete) items where the user is assigned or owner.
    2. Custom Access
      Allows you configure Create/Edit/Delete actions separately 
    3. Comments Acccess Configuration
      Now you can configure access to comments. For example, you can allow just View or View and Insert
    4. Project Roles
      You can set up project roles and assign users to these roles for a specific project. you can configure access to tasks, tickets and discussions thereby giving assigned users greater or lesser access than their standard user group access would give them 
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  2. New Filters View
    In V3 we redesigned filters and replaced simple dropdown filters with a pulldown menu. Now you can filter items by mulitple values.  Each user can also save their own filter combinations and set their own default filters.
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  3. More options in reports 
    1. Extra fields (dropdown/checkbox/radiobox) have been added to report filters
    2. Tasks/Tickets/Discussions reports now include all projects filters
  4. New report: Users per Projects
    In this report you can see Users list with count Projects where users is in team.
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  5. New report: Users per Tasks
    In this report you can see Users list with count Tasks where users is assigned on.
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  6. Common Reports
    We've introduced Common Reports. Common reports work the same way as Standard Reports. However Common Reports can be assigned to one or more user groups and, by default, displayed on the users' Dashboard or Menu.  You can even make them mandatory so they canot be removd.
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  7. More extra fields types
    We added new types and updated access configuration. Now you can set Edit or View only access. 
    1. Formula
      The value of this field will be calculated using a Formula. In the Formula you can use  values from other numeric fields including task estimated time and work hours
    2. Textarea with WYSIWYG editor
      WYSIWYG editor will be automatically added to this field.
    3. File
      Allows you upload file.
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  8. Taks Timer
    Timer will help you calculate work hours. Each user for each task can start own timer.
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  9. New Timer Report
    Now time report includes 4 reports. New reports are Users and Projects parts. For each report we can use filters to select data and each report can now be exported for further analysis.
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  10. Extended Events in scheduler
    Now events have Types, Priority and Extra fields. Also you can create recuring events.
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  11. Users Export
    Allows you to select several users and export them in csv/txt format.
  12. Tickets Export
    Allows you to select several tickets and export them in csv/txt format.
  13. Discussions Export
    Allows you to select several discussions and export them.
  14. Import Tasks from XLS file
    You can import tasks into qdPM from a spreadsheet in xls format. This allows you to plan your project in another appication and quickly load the basic details to qdPM.
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  15. Import Tasks from MS Poroject in XML format
    You can import task data from MS Project in XML format.
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  16. More configuration
    1. You can configure Login page and add own Heading and Description
    2. You can configure users registration email
  17. Backup tool
    Allows you create database backup
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  18. Trash
    If you delete something in qdPM it moves to trash where it can be recovered
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