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Users Access Controls
Users Access Controls allows you to assign Users to Groups such as Customer, Manager, Programmer and configure the rights for each Group to control what they have access to.
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Fully Configurable
Elements such as the Project status,Project types, Task status as well as many others are completely configurable.
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Custom Report Generator
A powerful report generator allows you to analyze Project data from numerous views including Across Project or within Project. You can view Data by Project Type such as Support Projects, Task Status such as all Open Tasks or Completed Tasks, Task Assignment such as all your own Tasks. Also you can select which reports display on your home dashboard.
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Time Tracking & Time Report
You can add worked hours on a task. Also there is extended users time report where you can see: worked hours statistic by users, estimated and actual time statistic per task and filter data by users, projects, task status or dates
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Customer Support Tickets
Customers interact using a Ticket System that is integrated into Task management. When responding to a Ticket, you can easily create one or more Tasks associated with that Ticket that the Customer does not see. Once the Task is completed you can advise the Customer and close the Ticket.
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Save your time!
A powerful report generator allows you to analyze
Project data from numerous views including
Across Project or within Project.
Custom Report Generator
Time Tracking & Time Report
Improve interaction        
        with your customers!
Customers interact using a Ticket System
that is integrated into Task management.
Customer Support Tickets
Tickets Reports
Public Tickets
Tickets by Email
Feel free configuring qdPM
Elements such as the Project status,Project types,
Task status as well as many others are completely configurable.
qdPM Configuration
Users Access Controls
Projects Access Controls
Extra Fields
qdPM Extended is a Project Management Solution that is not only Open Source, it's Open Framework


qdPM is suited for any industry.  Apart from defining entities such as Projects, Tickets, Tasks, and Discussions, the rest is basically up to you to configure.

Does not matter if you are web developers, a digital agency, event managers, film makers, recruiters, architects, builders, interior designers, you name it, as long as you are managing a project you can manage it using qdPM Extended.


qdPM can be configured to support any project management methodology.  Whether you are using a traditional methodology such as Waterfall development methodology  or an iterative approach such as Agile, qdPM Extended can support you.
In fact, if you are just making it up as you go along or if every project is different, it’s no problem. qdPM Extended supports the concurrent use of multiple methodologies. Creative wants to be Agile and you want to be Waterfall?  No problem.  Marketing is managing Events and you are managing a Store Fit out?  Not an issue.
And if worse comes to worse, being an open source project management solution, if it does not do what you need it to do, you can change it so that it does. Or you get us to do it.


Unlike other Project Management solutions, qdPM does not create separate registries to manage risks, issues, changes, backlogs and tasks.  Everything is a Task.
Utilizing the Task definition tools, Task labeling allows for management not only of standard methodology tasks but also other "tasks" such as product backlogs and reviews as well as change and issue registers. In addition to simple task labeling, the ability to group tasks into Phases, construct Parent/Child tasks and assign a task to a Version (release) allows for a level of multi-dimensional task management that is unsurpassed.


Tickets are one of the key differentiators between qdPM Extended Open Source Project Management and other solutions.
If the core project management tools are viewed as a walled garden then Tickets can be seen as a way of communicating over the wall.
While traditionally used as a way for customers to report defects or request changes, Tickets are also a way to manage a pipeline of ideas to feed into a product backlog or in fact BE the product backlog.  One Ticket can linked to an umlimited number of Tasks and vice versa creating a network of activity to enhance information flow.


Collaboration is about talking and listening.  qdPM allows for this via Comments.  Projects, Tickets and Tasks can all have comments added.  In addition, they can all have related Discussions that sit outside the comment structure.
Collaboration is about sharing information.  Projects, Tickets, Tasks, Comments and Discussion can all have Attachments .  In addition all Projects can have a Wiki.
No need to additional CMS/Intranets.


qdPM Extended is a global product and has been translated into many languages. Current told is 27 including Russian. You can collaborate in your own language!

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Manage Projects & Tasks

Time Tracking & Time Report
License: Commercial License
Development Mode: Open Source
User Interface: Web-based
Database: MySql-based
Technologies: Symfony 1.4  YUI Library
jQuery  jQuery UI
Translations: English, Russian more...

Nicolas Heinen

I've been looking for a good project management tool for a very long time and I've finally found exactly what I was looking for in qdPM.

My colleagues have immediately adopted, it's very intuitive, straight forward and not over bloated with unuseful features.

And most of all, Sergey (the main qdpm developer) has been listening and have implemented all of my request/suggestions so far!!!

We're definitively going to stick with it in the years to come, it is base on Symphony, a very strong and stable framework, give qdPM a try and you'll be convinced!


Gurpreet Singh Chawla

This is a Great tool, exactly as I was looking for to create a bridge between my team, and clients. I would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone, who want a smooth development process in their company.

Rakesh Jainv

I have been looking for a simple yet effective PMS tool to manage our project. I checked many available solutions even paid one as well. R But I found qdPM is really appealing. I am using it since last one week and started managing more than 6 project with the help of this tool . Whole of my team found this solution very clean and user friendly. We are really very much satisfied to have qdPM tool as our project management tool and are thankful to qdPM team for their great development. Overall we found below features very useful for us
  • Clean and User friendly GUI of the system.
  • Ajax based UI, most of all action you can do with in 2 clicks only. It is very important feature as it make the user easy while performing different actions.
  • Phases module - it helps us to manage our project milestones.
  • Extra fields for project, which allows us to have customized fields as per our needs. We used it to manage project related information which are important for project execution
  • Reports - it covers good reporting system, we specially like its User time Report. It allow a manager or admin to see timesheet report of a user.
  • Role based user management
  • Easy work flow management
And I specially thankful for the support team, I always get response from support team with in 12 hours which is really shows their dedication towards their product. very impressive!

I strongly recommend qdPM product to be used as your project management tool. It has all features which you can expect or desire from an ideal project management tool.

Rakesh Jain

John Garcia

This is exactly what I've been looking for. A nice clean way to manage your projects with your team and give a window to your clients to track tickets/tasks. Excellent job on this project and great turnaround time on support.
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